My Top Ten Reason to Attend a SQLSaturday Event!

My Top Ten Reason to Attend a SQLSaturday Event!

I traveled from Houston to Seattle for SQLSaturday #108. Although, the weather was wet and cold the event had a good turnout. While between sessions chatting with other attendees, the thought crossed my mind, ‘What brought all these people together to learn about SQL Server on a Saturday, in the cold and rain?” So I decided to come up with my top ten reasons to get out and spend a Saturday chatting and learning about SQL Server.

Number 10 – Opportunity to learn.
It is an opportunity to learn. We should also take advantage of opportunities to learn something new.

Number 9 – Meet new people.
You get to meet other crazy folks that are giving up their Saturday to present, chat and learn about SQL Server.

Number 8 – Learn from peers
Some people would say any optional training event that is held on a Saturday only attracts people that have no life. I do not believe that to be true. I believe a Saturday event attracts those people who want to be there, that want to learn, and want to do their job well, not just do the job. They also want to share what they have learned.

Number 7 – Learn from top professionals.
SQLSaturday attracts passionate professionals that want to share their knowledge. The presenter ranks are filled with MVP’s, MCM’s and plain old dba’s all wanting share tips, tricks, best practices and other bits of information.

Number 6 – Keeping the Passion
Being regularly engaged in new theories, new technology, and new techniques keeps you passionate about SQL Server.

Number 5 – Free stuff
We all like SWAG. Whether it is T-Shirts, stuffed animals, or even software, we all like SWAG.

Number 4 – Awesome sponsors
The sponsors support SQLSaturday to get their product in front of professionals that will benefit the most. They are there to answer your questions, maybe even help you build a case to your purchasing manager to get their products. I highly recommend every participant stop by every vendor.

Number 3 – To progress
The database landscape is changing quickly. To progress we must keep learning. SQLSaturday is a great chance to do that. If you are not continuously learning, moving forward, then where are you going?

Number 2– It is free
SQLSaturday is quality training that just so happens to be FREE. Thank you volunteers, speakers and sponsors!


What other reasons do people have for giving up their Saturday in pursuit of SQL knowledge….